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Atsan Customs Brokerage, which was established by Customs Consultant Ethem ATSAN in Istanbul, has been working in the customs field since 1987; Within the framework of Customs Law, Regulation and other legislation, Customs Consultancy and International It carries out transactions in Trade Consultancy issues. Atsan Customs, a member of the Istanbul Customs Consultants Association, proudly bears this flag by keeping the first day's excitement fresh with its analytical thinking ability, solution-oriented stance and feedback ability, acting according to the conditions of the time.

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Our information service, managed by Test Customs, regularly monitors general and sectoral legislative changes, and our customers are immediately informed. General information can also be made through this application, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

As a company, we consider ourselves a part of the companies we serve. Our most important goal is to eliminate their troubles, to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of production, to realize exports, to make transactions on time and correctly, to integrate with the companies we represent and to work in harmony. We know very well that; We are an important service sector. We are assertive in providing services to our companies. But we never forget that; We exist if we have companies. Our Principle; To provide safe, accurate and fast service.

In our country, Customs is an institution operating under the Ministry of Trade. Customs Clearance Service is the execution of business and transactions with the state in the passage of products or services through customs areas during foreign trade transactions with a foreign country.

Foreign trade rules to be followed during the whole process of the Customs Law No. 4458, which is the main source of law in Turkey's customs. The purpose of this law is entering the Republic of Turkey Customs Zone and will be applied to the goods and vehicles customs rules belirlemektir.4458 Customs Law No. 5. All persons compared to substances may appoint a representative to work in customs administrations to perform prescribed by the customs legislation of savings and transactions. Except for persons engaged in transit or in an occasional declaration, customs representatives are persons resident in Turkey.

Representation can be direct or indirect. The representative acts on behalf of someone else in the case of direct representation, and in the case of indirect representation on his own behalf, but on the account of someone else. The representative must declare that he acts on behalf of the represented person, indicate whether the representation is direct or indirect, and submit the certificate of representation authorization to the customs authorities.

The self-employed persons who follow and conclude all kinds of customs procedures of the goods or services subject to customs procedures through indirect representation and who are given a permit by the Undersecretariat of Customs are also called Customs Brokers. Within the scope of customs clearance services, customs consultants act on their behalf but as someone else's representative through indirect representation. Customs brokers are obliged to declare that they act on behalf of the person represented and to submit their representation authorization certificate to the customs administrations.

The most important factor that foreign trade organizations should pay attention to when it comes to Customs Clearance Service; It is the choice of an experienced, reliable, authorized customs clearance company with accurate guidance. It should not be forgotten that a wrong choice to be made and a wrong transaction to be made easily carry the risks of being evaluated within the scope of customs smuggling and penalties and these will expose foreign trade companies to unrecoverable expenses, penalties, time and prestige losses.

Atsan Customs Consultancy has been successfully following and finalizing the customs procedures listed below in all Customs and Trade Directorates affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and affiliated official institutions and organizations on behalf of its valued customers for many years.

  • Import Customs Operations
  • Export Customs Operations
  • Transit Trade Operations
  • Inward Processing Operations
  • Outward Processing Operations
  • Processing Regime Under Customs Control
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Temporary Import Operations
  • Temporary Export Operations
  • Transit Regime Operations
  • Postal Customs Operations
  • Free Zone Operations
  • Re-Export Operations
  • Destruction Operations
  • Abandonment to Customs Operations
  • Exemption and Exemption from Customs Duties
  • Operations Regarding the Goods to be Purge
  • Returned Item Operations
  • Border Trade Operations

Import Operations

It is the sale of a domestic product to foreign countries in exchange of foreign currency.

Export Regime is the regime that applied the provisions governing the output for export outside the Customs Territory of Turkey's goods in free circulation.

  • Feasibility study for the goods to be exported.
  • Outward Processing Regime applications and TEV. (Compensatory Tax)
  • Health certificate, Control certificate, A.TR, Eur-1 certificate of origin, consular approval procedures according to the country situation. to be done.
  • Making membership procedures to the relevant exporter unions according to the type of the goods, obtaining the Union certification.
  • Regarding the goods G.T.İ.P. detection.
  • Delivery of the documents issued by the customs consultant to the bank and / or the buyer in accordance with the instructions of the customer.
  • Follow-up of vehicle customs procedures subject to transport.
  • Preparing the customs declaration of the goods to be exported and completing the operation.
  • Delivery of documents to the shipping company.
  • Tracking of temporary export transactions and durations.
  • Delivery of documents to you with the document delivery form.
  • Closing the customs exit declaration.
  • Delivery of the exporter copy of the closed customs exit declarations to the company.

Export Operations

It is the purchase of a product produced abroad by the buyers in the country.

Release for free circulation of goods from the customs territory of Turkey; The implementation of trade policy measures is possible by completing other procedures for the importation of the goods and collecting taxes payable by law.

Import service headings are as follows.

  • Feasibility study for the goods to be imported.
  • Inward Processing Regime applications.
  • Follow-up of all stages from the order in Door to Door transactions.
  • Tracking the travel and document information of the goods from the shipping company.
  • Making bill of lading endorsements of documents (if any).
  • The receipt of the order.
  • Regarding the goods G.T.İ.P. detection.
  • Classification of the original certified relevant documents and delivery to the operations department.
  • Customs Operations (Küşat): If the owner of the goods has a need such as GTIP determination and determination of origin, sampling, inspection of the goods for the goods coming to Customs, the owner or his legal representative shall make a request to the Customs administration.
  • Starting the customs acceptance and registration process and making the inspection of the goods.
  • Keeping the minutes in case of deficiency, damage or error and informing the relevant units.
  • Making the related security or tax payments by making the accruals.
  • Physical delivery of the goods to the address specified in the instruction given by the relevant companies.
  • Delivery of documents to you with the document delivery form.

Transit Trade Operations

Of a good; Refers to being sold to another or the same country outside the import and export regime.

Transit, import duties and trade policy measures applied to the unreacted free movement of finished goods not subject to customs supervision and customs operations relating to exports from one point to another within the customs territory of Turkey to carry.

Transit regime; the national transit regime, the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under the Protection of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention) dated 14.11.1975, the Convention on the Common Transit Regime dated 20/5/1987, approved by Law No. 6333 of 22.6.2012, It covers transit operations under the Import Convention and the Convention between States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty on the Status of Forces dated 19/6/1951.

The customs authorities of the Customs Territory of Turkey goods placed under the transit regime;

  • From a foreign country to a foreign country,
  • From a foreign country to Turkey,
  • From Turkey to a foreign country,
  • It allows transportation from one domestic customs office to another domestic customs office.

It is mandatory to provide a guarantee to ensure the payment of any customs taxes that may accrue for transit goods. But; No guarantee is required for the transports by air, pipeline, rail or sea, except for the cases specified by the regulation.

General regulations regarding the Transit Regime;

  • Between Articles 84 and 92 of the Customs Law,
  • Between Articles 212 and 244 of the Customs Regulation,
  • Customs General Communiqué with Serial No. 4 (Transit Regime)
  • It is included in the Circulars no. 2012/4 and 2018/19.

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